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Spiritual Compass

There are so many things that vie for our time and distract us from recognizing what is still sacred in this world and from exploring our spirituality. Sometimes we need to discover our inner compass and spend time noticing what it is trying to guide us towards or away from on our spiritual path.  This is often a challenging journey, that requires rigorous honesty, introspection and the support of a compassionate community.

We hope you will avail yourself to the many resources available here, discover your personal sacred space and join the journey.

Spirituality Blog:  Exploring things sacred, interesting or life-giving with gratitude, authenticity and humor.

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I am a spiritual seeker, still journeying myself, that is eager to offer hospitality and a sacred space away from the busy world to discover, explore and nurture…


Are you seeking spiritual growth? I invite you to embark on a journey to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with what you hold sacred.


I invite you to journey with me, through my blog, as I explore things that I find sacred, interesting or life-giving with gratitude, authenticity and humor.