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Intentional Path

Repost from January 2020 with minor edits – still feels relevant.

As this new year begins, I know many of you have set goals and resolutions for yourselves.  I want to share one of my intentions for the year with you.  As I head into my second fourth full year on my 33-acre homestead, I feel certain there are many new discoveries awaiting me.  My intention this year is to become a more conscious homesteader, to be an advocate for the land, and to notice what is scared in the nature that surrounds me.  My blogs this year will focus on what I find on this intentional path.

Conscious Homesteader

Recently, I left the hustle and bustle of the big city and consciously decided to carve out a new life.  For me, homesteading means seeking a lifestyle that is centered around being more self-sufficient.  The intentional path I set was never meant to be done in one fell swoop, but to slowly and steadily incorporate ways to become independent and less reliant on commercial sources for food and goods.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still head to the super market for my avocados.

Land Advocate

I live on 33 acres that are mostly wild.  As a suburban dweller most of my life, at times it is overwhelming to think of the size of it.  The land has been  neglected for many years.  Some trees are sick, the river bank is eroding, the fallen timber is piling up, and the thickets are overgrown.  With the help of experts, I hope to learn how to nurture the land, protect its natural resources, and create a thriving home for the wildlife.

Hold Sacred

I remember walking this land for the first time.  The word I used then and the word I use now to describe it is magical.  I never want to forget that all that surrounds me is sacred.  I want to hold this last intention fully in my heart and take time to embrace all that this means.

Intentional Path

Come stroll with me down my intentional path.  I invite you to join me on this journey, that no matter how intentional, will likely take me places that I never imagined.

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