Lenten Journey by Still Sacred

Lenten Journey

What will your Lenten Journey be this year?  As you being the 40 days  that invite you to walk with Jesus and discover a new closeness with God, what will your journey hold?

This season always reminds me of a man who told me that Lent was his favorite holiday.  “What?” I asked with a skeptical eyebrow raised.  He went on to explain that this was the one time a year that he felt free to add spiritual practices to his routine without guilt.  It was a radical concept for me to frame this 40-day period of time as space where I was given permission to add extra prayer or meditation to my life.  I had never thought of Lent in this light.  To me it had been the dreaded season of giving up things like chocolate or wine.

Obviously entering into Lent with a sense of dread does not exactly set a positive tone.  So I invite you to think of these next few weeks as a time full of promise and anticipation.  Remember it’s all leading towards Easter, which offers us the most beautiful promise and everlasting gift.  Let us walk towards that with hope, love and peace.  Let’s set our intention and walk the path with God at our side.

Whether you give something up or add something new to your spiritual routine, there are bound to be ample opportunities to seek God and invite him to join your Lenten Journey.  This is a time to pray, fast, and be of service… I hope it will become your favorite holiday too!


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