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Losing Focus: Being Mindful

Ever feel like you’re rushing through life and losing focus?  Recently, there was a time when everything around me seemed blurry.  I was singularly focused on a task and everything else was just noise.  Some might say that I was hyper focused, but in reality, my single-mindedness blotted out the beauty of life that surrounded me.  There’s nothing wrong with being driven, but without keeping the big picture in mind, you could drive right off a cliff.

Just One Day

I was preparing for a workshop.  As I rushed around finishing up, I found myself in a cloud of oblivion.  I walked around checking off my mental to-do list and barely noticing those around me.  Literally, I ran into someone because I was so absorbed that I wasn’t even watching where I was going.  As I rushed to complete one last task, I barely registered a group of people that I had passed.  Halfway down the hall, a thought flitted into my consciousness that they might have said something to me, but I just kept going, swatting that thought from my mind.  Later, each one of the people in the group stopped by to make sure that I was okay.  They mentioned that as I passed I had a blank expression on my face and completely ignored their greetings.  In fact, they were concerned that perhaps I was sick or deeply troubled.  I had become a walking zombie with no focus, no emotion and no awareness of my surroundings.  This was startling and saddening to me…I was losing focus.

Missing the Details

While I might rationalize that I was simply focusing on wrapping up the last minute to-dos, the reality was that I was missing all of the glorious details in life.  What had the sunrise been like on my morning drive?  How did my breakfast taste?  Did my earrings even match? Who greeted me with a smile that I blatantly ignored?  I was lost in the weeds and completely losing focus of the world around me.

Just Two Things

I offer just two things that I try to remember each day to bring my world into focus.  They are simple, yet effective.

First, savor the first drink of the day.  For me, it’s coffee, but this could apply to anything.  Cradle the cup in your hands and notice how it feels; warm?  cold?  Let your nose linger before taking a sip and soak up the aroma.  Notice how that first sip feels as hydration comes into your body for the first time that day.

Second, take inventory while you are driving.  Of course, you need to pay attention to where you are going and drive safely.  Notice your body posture; slumped?  tense?  Notice your hands on the steering wheel; gripping tightly or loosely?  Make any necessary adjustments so that you are comfortable, relaxed and alert.

Enjoy the Journey

Each day holds its own special surprises.  Don’t let life pass you by in a blur; practice not losing focus.


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Hi Kristin – I happened on to Facebook and saw this posting, great reminders! I pray that all is well for you and your loved ones.

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