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Noticing Happiness

Seems like a simple thing to notice what brings us happiness, but is it?  I was recently sitting with a dying friend who often gives me food for thought.  On this day, he was filled simultaneously with joy and sorrow by happy memories.  He tried to explain to me what he was feeling as he recalled a memory from his past.  “It’s all the little things that didn’t seem to matter at the time, but I realize now that they were so important.  I think most of us go through life never recognizing the happy moments,” he lamented.  This has really gotten me to thinking… and trying to notice those moments that fill me will happiness.

What is Happiness?

Is happiness a good mood, a state of well-being, a feeling of contentment, or a deep satisfaction?  I think probably all of those definitions would work to describe happiness.  What I have tried this week is to be physically conscience of when I smile?  I invite you to go through a day noticing all of times that you smile.  Then try to identify why you are smiling.

Little Moments of Happiness

Here are a few things that I noticed.

The sound of my friend’s car pulling up in front of my house.

The warmth of my coffee in my cool hands.

The laughter of a child.

The sun rising over the mountains.

The familiar smell of someone I love as they lean in for a hug.

Fresh baked goods wafting through the air.

A wave of hello from a neighbor.

The picture of my mom lighting up on my cell phone when she called.

What things could you put on your list of things that made you smile today?

Happiness Challenge

What bothered my friend the most was that he didn’t think that he had even really noticed or acknowledge the moments that brought him so much happiness in his life as they were happening… hence why they now make him sad.  I am forever grateful that he shared this great revelation with me.  It gives me the choice to be present to all those little moments, to feel the joy, and to respond to who or what is bringing me joy.

Enjoy the journey through the everyday moments of life!


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