Prayer intentions

Prayer Intentions Check-in

It’s that time of year when people set their new year’s resolutions and goals.  I invite you to consider setting some personal prayer intentions for the year.  This is something that I have done over the years that I find truly transformative. How do they differ from resolutions or goals?  The main difference is God.  You are inviting the Spirit of the Universe to be your partner and to assist you on your journey throughout the year.  Let’s get started on our journey with our personal prayer intentions.

Annual Prayer Intentions

These will be slightly different from the personal prayer intentions that you might already be familiar with offering to God.  Some common prayer intentions include praying for the sick or someone who has asked us to keep them in our prayers.  The kind of intentions I am asking you to consider are for specifically you.  Some people tell me they are uncomfortable praying for themselves, but I ask you to take the leap of faith.  It is not selfish.  God wants all of us to be happy and fulfilled.  By stating our deepest desires, we invite Him to join us on our journey.

List Prayer Intentions

How do you get started?  I recommend using a prayer journal.  You can buy a fancy one at a store or use a spiral notebook left over from your kid’s prior school year.  Think about those questions that keep floating through your mind:  What is my purpose?  How can I find happiness?  Where is my life headed?  Now open up your journal and jot a few down.

Concrete Examples

In case you are stuck, I will give you some examples of prayer intentions that I have focused on over the years.

How can I be of service in my community?

Show me how to be a better daughter, mother, sister, wife, friend…

What do you want me to accomplish this year?

Show me how to survive this disease, grief, loss…

Who did you create me to be?

Help me to be more authentic.

Write down a few of your intentions on the first page of your journal.  I suggest a list of 3-5 items, but that is only a recommendation.

The Nitty Gritty

Let’s go!  Take your prayer journal that contains your list into your sacred space each time you pray or meditate.  Read over the list.  Decide if there is one that speaks to you in that moment, then focus on that intention as you enter into prayer or meditation.  If your thoughts stray during your sacred time, you can use this intention to bring you back into focus.  At the end or your session, jot down any thoughts or ideas that arose.  Review your journal monthly.

Happy trails on your 2019 journey.


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