promise of spring by still sacred

Promise of Spring

Promise of Spring

Who doesn’t love spring?  The chill in the air is subsiding, buds are beginning to form and even some flowers are showing signs of blooming soon.  It seems each day brings a surprise as the landscape around me become more vibrant and colorful. This new season brings us into a time of hope, rebirth and blossom.


The promise of spring is always full of hope.  The harshness of winter begins to melt away and the warmer air of spring lightens my souls.  As I sit on my patio, even the birds seem to be vocalizing their cheerful songs of expectation.  It is important for me not to confuse hope and expectations. There are many things that I desire to happen, but not many of them are under my control.  I do not feel anxious about these uncertainties… I try not to place them in the category of expectations, but certainly I have hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.  If I expect things to go a certain way, as though I am entitled, then I will most certainly find disappointment.  If I place my hope for the future in the hands of God, I feel comforted that if the outcome is not in line with my strongest desire, at least I will not walk alone.  My hopes can continue to live on and be renewed, just as life all around me is renewed again each spring.


Each day I notice something new coming to life; a baby calf following its mama in the field; the first bee to venture out of its hive; formerly brown sticks that are now bursting with green buds.  All around life is renewing itself.  I wonder what part of me is being reborn, especially as I go through the Easter Season.  Contemplating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus allows me to see the humanity and divinity in all of the living things around me.

What will be reborn in me this spring?  For me this spring it seems my sense of wonder has been reborn. I feel an excitement this spring, It is almost as though I am seeing things for the very first time.  I sat in amazement the other day as I watched the birds come out after a spring shower.  They covered the grasses and even the road in great numbers.  I wondered, where have they all been this winter?  It was so joyous to watch them and hear them frolicking.


Spring brings forth a tremendous amount of new growth in everything around us.  It is a time too, for me to take inventory and see where I can stretch myself and blossom. For many people there is a fear of change. I think that if we perceive change like a newly formed bud that stretches itself up to the sun so that it can blossom, that change seems less scary.  Who wouldn’t want to unfold and open into something so beautiful?

I hope that your journey is filled with the promise of spring: hope, rebirth and blossom.

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