Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction – Journey, Grow, Nurture

Many people today want to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. They are seeking spiritual growth in their lives. They might wonder, “Should I seek a spiritual director to help me to help me on this journey?” But what exactly is spiritual direction, what happens in a session, and what might I hope to gain from it?

Very simply, spiritual direction is a sacred space with three chairs. One for the spiritual director (me), one for the directee (you) and one for the Divine (whatever name you choose for your higher power). In this place you are free to explore and grow in your spiritual life, without judgement.

What Happens in a Session?

Generally, sessions are monthly and they open and close with prayer. The time in between is up to you. If something specific has motivated you to seek spiritual direction, then by all means let me know. I strongly believe that God is in everything, therefore, there is no part of your life that is irrelevent in our sessions. Our conversations do not have to be confined to prayer, religion and vocation. Whatever is happening in your life is a great place to start our conversation. I strive to create a sacred space where you can stop and be still for a moment and let the hectic world melt away. This is your time to explore where God has been busy in your life. A safe place where your fears, burdens, blessings and desires are allowed to be spoken freely. I will listen deeply to you, perhaps clarifying and unpacking your sacred story with gentle and patient guidance. I will be open, attentive and non-judgmental.  Sessions can take place locally in Asheville, NC or remotely via phone or other form of technology as agreed upon.

What Can You Hope to Gain?

Discover and expand a contemplative presence that allows you to nurture a personal relationship with what you hold sacred.