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This time of year is full of resolutions and goal setting, which honestly isn’t my thing.  About 5 years ago, the Rule of Life was introduced to me.  I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try.  The concept is similar to goal setting, but it’s more about establishing a rhythm for life to help you grow spiritually, mentally and physically to become more fully alive and joyous. It is not an ideal that you are striving towards, but rather a standard for your life that you desire to uphold.

Rules are Not for Me

I am not attracted to the word “rule”.  Who really wants to create more rules to live by? The word  “rule” is related to the ancient Greek word for “trellis”.  A trellis is a structure to help a vine grow upward, thus becoming more fruitful and productive. Similarly, creating a personal Rule of Life is about creating a structure to help you abide in God in all areas of your life and become more fruitful. It is an intentional plan to identify what you hold sacred and keep God at the center of everything.

Rule of Life Example

I was asked to first assess my life by contemplating the following questions.  What was I already doing spiritually, mentally and physically that brought me joy?  Which areas needed improvement?  What were my unique talents and gifts that I could use to be of service? Could I identify challenges and struggles in my life?  How mas I inviting God into my struggles and joys? What activities would I like to incorporate into my life?  Who were the most important people in my life and how did I show them love?

Then I broke these things down into things I do, or would like to do, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

My first attempt looked something like this:

Daily(5 out of 7 days): Pray with my spouse.  Meditate privately for 20 minutes in the evening. Walk briskly around the neighborhood.

Weekly: Attend Mass.  Attend a support meeting.  Eucharistic Adoration for 1 hour. Be of service at IOP group meetings. Sit down as a family for a meal together without any distractions. Nurture a friendship.

Monthly: Go out with friends.  Try or learn something new.  Participate in women’s group at church.  Have a date night with my spouse.

Yearly: Go on a personal retreat by myself.  Visit my mother. Take a family vacation.

I simply wrote this down in my journal, but there are many to structure this. I invite you to look at other creative examples of Rules of Life compiled by Leadership Transformations Inc.

The Results

My Rule of Life not only kept me accountable, but also gave me permission to consistently schedule these things into my life.  In a world filled with distractions, this intentional plan gave my life the framework it needed to establish a rhythm. My Rule became a concrete reminder of the things that were sacred to me. It kept the focus on what was really important and necessary on the path to a more joyous life.  I hope it will do the same for you.  I invite you to give it a try.

Download Your Free Guideline Now

It was simple, but also a very helpful support structure for organizing the things that were important in my life that I wanted to prioritize.  I have put together a more detailed description and guideline for creating your own personal Rule of Life.

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