Sacred Moments

Maybe you are like me and you travel the same way to work each day … an ordinary trip.  But if I pause and allow myself to be mindful during my trip, it can become an extraordinary journey  I invite you to consider that each day is an opportunity to explore spirituality in the ordinary times in life and make them sacred moments.

A Trip to Work


Admittedly, some days my car is on autopilot. Have you ever realized you are at your destination without having much recollection of the journey that got you there?  Recently, I set the intention to be mindful on my trip to work. When I began it was dark, and I had only the limited light from my headlamps to guide me.  Soon the outlines of the mountains began to appear, smooth and dark against the early morning sky.  Then as the sky began to brighten, I noticed the mountains were not exactly smooth.  This time of year, the trees are bare and the mountain tops are feathered with the light that seeps through the barren tree branches.  I encountered a fog bank as a rounded a bend.  My line of sight was completely obscured and I found myself enveloped in complete whiteness. I had to slow my pace and adjust to the current circumstances.  By the time I arrived at work, the dawn had cast  a beautiful red and purple hue across the morning sky.  It was magnificent, filled me with the promise of an awesome day, and reminded me that sacred moments happen every day.

A Journey in Life

It occurs to me that many of the spiritual journeys in life mirror that of a simple drive to work.  The goal might be clear, or perhaps through prayer and meditation your path might begin to unfold.  Either way, there are certain to be times of darkness, obstacles and clarity along the way.  The opportunities are all around us to make each day a new and exciting adventure and uncover these sacred moments.


Journey thru darkness

There are times when it’s dark, and we don’t want to begin our journey.  The darkness could be external or internal.  This physical, mental or spiritual darkness could be caused by illness, loneliness or ambition that blinds us. This could present itself in the form of uncertainty, reluctance or the inability to see clearly the people and things around us. Whatever the case, you might feel lost even on familiar ground. The use of prayer and meditation can help to illuminate the first step.  Sometimes the first step is just as simple as that…taking the first step.  Setting out into the unknown towards something that you want to achieve in your life.  Not letting the darkness hinder your desire to go forward towards sacred moments is an important beginning to any journey.  I encourage you not to let fear or doubt stop you in your tracks.  Times of spiritual darkness can easily drain your energy and make you turn inward.  Remember that even an unsteady or tentative start is progress.


Journey thru Obstacles

Unfortunately, even a great plan or journey might be hindered by obstacles.  On my drive, sometimes I encounter fog, rain, snow, traffic jams or accidents.  Likewise, on journeys in life, you might encounter things that interfere with your progress or the speed at which you can progress.  It is often advisable to slow down and take stock.  Notice if the circumstances warrant a slower pace.  I invite you to notice your reaction to the obstacle.  Do you get frustrated?  Are you relieved to take a little break?  Do you try to ignore the problem and hope it will go away? Do you isolate yourself from others or seek spiritual council from a trusted source.  All of your reactions are important to notice.  Patience may be a desirable virtue, but sometimes it is difficult to trust that all things are happening on God’s time.  Practicing the Breath Prayer might help you to develop patience, take a closer look at your reactions and begin noticing sacred moments.



At some point, things come into focus.  The light begins to break and you no longer find yourself in the dark or pestered by life’s obstacles. You can see the trees in the forest, not just the forest. People talk about “ah ha” moments or spiritual awakenings.  It has been my experience that clarity isn’t always a dramatic event.  Perhaps the small details along your journey become sharper and more manageable.  You might see the path more clearly and gain a burst of enthusiasm for the journey.  You might look back on a problem and realize that the solution is right in front of you. I believe that journaling can be very helpful in noticing these moments.  By looking back over your journals you can recount those uncertain times and see how you have gained wisdom or insight into the situation. If you feel your path is fuzzy, you could start journaling, practice mindful meditation or begin working on a personal Rule of Life.  You might consider talking to a spiritual companion to gain some direction and help you notice the patterns in your life.

Sacred Moments

I believe that every day can be an exciting adventure.  It’s a matter of being mindful and noticing the extraordinary even in the mundane, routine things in life.  Maybe it’s your drive to work, washing the dishes, folding the laundry, reading to a child, having coffee with a friend or washing the car.  Every single thing you do in life can be a new adventure filled with joy if you make yourself present and open to the possibility of the ordinary being extraordinary.  Let’s make all the little things in life sacred moments!


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