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With open arms and a grateful heart, I welcome you to my Still Sacred Blog. I am ( in no particular order) a mother, daughter, wife, friend, blogger, spiritual director, seeker, child of God, tech geek, and hopefully we can travel together on a spiritual journey.

My deepest desire is for you to learn to be still long enough to explore where you have been, clarify where you are being called and then journey towards what you know to be sacred.  In my sacred space, I call my higher power “God”, but please don’t take that to mean that I impose that name onto what you hold sacred.  Let this be a safe, inviting space filled with no judgments.

If you are like me, sometimes the busy world crowds out your thoughts. In this multi-tasking world sometimes it is difficult to sit still and be quiet – to put away the thoughts of the to-do list for just 5 minutes. So were do I begin? Where can you begin? I invite you to go somewhere free of distractions and just listen… listen to your breath …listen to your heart beating …listen for the sacred.

Does this sound impossible? Some time ago I would have agreed. Come with me on a journey and we will learn together to find the innermost thoughts of our souls and to create a sacred space to welcome clarity, peace and gratitude. We will find ways to quiet the distractions. Let’s explore together… Discover and expand a contemplative presence that allows us to nurture a personal relationship with what we still hold sacred.

I invite you to try a simple Breath Prayer and to take advantage of the other prayers, meditations and services found in the resources section.   If you would like to receive my quarterly newsletter and be the first to know about new spiritual resources, then click here to Join the Journey.

Let’s embark on a spiritual journey and may the spirit of the universe find you and bless you.

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