Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Many months ago I stopped writing my blog.  I had one all ready to go, but it seemed cavalier to post about projects on the homestead with everything that was happening in the world – so I just hit the trashcan button instead.

As I look back over that time, nothing much changed on the homestead.  We didn’t run out of food, toilet paper, medicine or [my personal favorite] peanut butter M&Ms.   I continued to walk my dog, feed my chickens, weed my garden. store what I grew and consciously prepare the best I could for uncertain times.  My daily routine was impacted very little.  I went to my “essential worker” job (non medical) with several minutes shaved off the commute and worked around the homestead the rest of the time.  The one big thing that changed was that I stopped writing – and my head was filled with words with no place to go.  My head is still filled with words.

So I’m ready to unpause and march forward.  I hope you will welcome me back.  My intention is to become a more conscious homesteader, to be an advocate for the land, and to notice what is scared in the nature that surrounds me. I invite you to join me on the journey to rediscovering the joys, successes and failures that are part of life. Maybe we’ll have some laughs along the way.

Here’s a link to Intentional Path – part too 🙂


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